• Mon. Dec 5th ,2022

Gulshan Talreja

Waiting for iPhone Pro reaches new high following factory disruptions

American multinational technology company, Apple Inc.'s iPhone 14 Pro models, are expected to take much longer to deliver as the company's lea

The Royal House of Medici unveils M 1563, a digital platform for art

The Royal House of Medici Holdings (RHM) announced the launch of a blockchain-powered platform, M 1563 Media, Inc., which will curate, exhibit, and au

HP to slash nearly 6,000 jobs over three years amid waning PC demand

American IT behemoth, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) has reportedly stated that it will be cutting down as many as 6,000 staff in the company over the n

TikTok to continue hiring amid mass layoffs at Meta and Twitter

Short video platform, TikTok has reportedly stated that it is still planning to continue hiring, as many Silicon Valley tech giants announce hiring fr

LG Displays new solution turns in-car surface into invisible speakers

South Korea-based display panel maker, LG Display has reportedly announced the development of Thin Actuator Sound Solution, a novel sound technology m

WaffarX and CIB launch a joint app to boost cashback services in Egypt

Egyptian firm WaffarX, which is the first cashback provider in the MENA region, has reportedly announced its collaboration with the Commercial Interna

XRAI Glass, which can translate speech in real-time, debuts globally

Real-time language translating app, XRAI Glass, which displays text on smart glasses, has reportedly been launched globally. The app can translate

UAE’s Invest Bank chooses Temenos Banking Cloud for digitalization

UAE’s premier commercial bank, Invest Bank has reportedly selected Swiss software bank Temenos for transforming its core and digital banking, by

China’s ruling party opposes ease in Covid curbs amid rising cases

The ruling party in China has reportedly called for strict adherence to the stringent zero-Covid strategy in the country, in an alleged move to steer