• Fri. Aug 6th ,2021


The first commercial-use quantum computer in Japan begins operations

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and The University of Tokyo have reportedly begun operations of the first commercial quantum computer in Japan, ushering the country into a highly competitive domain that is dominated by China and the US.

Microsoft discontinues semi-annual release channel for Windows Server

Microsoft has reportedly announced that it plans to terminate semi-annual release for the upcoming Windows Server 2022. The users who require continuous updates are expected to be directed to Azure Stack HCI instead.

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New copy-paste update to change the way people use Chrome and Edge

Google and Microsoft are reportedly working on a novel set of Chromium APIs that will notable broaden out the functionality of the copy-and-paste function in their respective web browsers.

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Nvidia’s supercomputer “Cambridge-1” to seek medical breakthroughs

American tech leader, Nvidia, has reportedly unveiled the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, named “Cambridge-1”. The firm hopes that the supercomputer would make prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases faster, better, and cheaper.

GitHub, OpenAI jointly release a new AI tool that builds its own code

GitHub and OpenAI have recently released the technical preview of an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called Copilot. This tool is reportedly integrated into the Visual Studio Code editor and autocompletes the code snippets.

IBM to launch AI tools to mitigate biased online advertising algorithms

IBM Corporation is reportedly working on artificial intelligence (AI) tools to ensure online advertising algorithms do not treat minorities and women unfairly, addressing discrimination concerns that have attracted industry-wide scrutiny.

Google redesigns its productivity suite amidst the remote working boom

Google recently released new updates to its Workspace productivity suite to better adapt to remote working. Sources confirmed that the move could also allow it to better compete with Microsoft’s products, which notably have been witnessing substantial growth.

Nvidia aiming to enhance AV technology through DeepMap acquisition

American multinational technology company Nvidia Corporation has reportedly agreed to acquire DeepMap, a startup devoted to building high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles (AV), for an unrevealed sum.

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French watchdog fines Google USD 268 million over adtech abuse

L'Autorite de la concurrence, Frances regulatory body for business competition, has reportedly fined Google approximately €220 million ($268M) in a case of self-preferencing in the adtech sector.

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