• Sun. Oct 24th ,2021


S Korea’s SK Hynix successfully develops industry’s first HBM3 DRAM

SK Hynix, the South Korean semiconductor firm, has reportedly announced the successful development of High Bandwidth Memory 3 (HBM3), the best-performance DRAM in the world. The Korean memory chipmaker is allegedly the first in the sector to effectively develop HBM3. HBM3, HBM’s fourth genera

Facebook eyeing big chunk of India's fast-growing online gaming market

Facebook, the Silicon Valley-based social media behemoth, is reportedly looking to carve out a large chunk of India's fast-growing and extremely competitive online gaming and streaming market for itself. According to credible sources, Facebook’s offer to game streamers and producers is si

Microsoft acquires Ally to improve employee experience through Viva

Microsoft Corporation has reportedly acquired Ally.io, a software that helps companies in measuring their progress against OKRs (objectives and key results) and plans to integrate It into its employee experience software Viva. The company intends to communicate company goals and objectives to employ

Facebook might face massive penalty in Russia over banned content

Regulators may impose a fine of 10% of Facebook’s annual turnover in Russia. The social media company repeatedly failed to delete banned information including posts related to child pornography, drug abuse, and extremist content. Russian authorities recently warned Facebook with a fine of

Verizon unveils redesigned BlueJeans for enhanced virtual experience

Verizon Business, a division of American network operator Verizon Communications, has reportedly launched the revamped BlueJeans platform for the hybrid workplace, raising the bar for dynamic and unplanned virtual collaboration. According to credible reports, this next-generation partnership platfo

Samsung likely to produce next-gen self-driving auto chips for Tesla

Tesla and Samsung have been discussing chip design since the beginning of 2021. The chip will be installed in Tesla’s Hardware 4 technology, which will be used in the upcoming vehicles. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is reportedly in talks with Tesla Inc. to produce the next-gen self-driving

Alarmed by major flaw, Azure Cosmos users urged to regenerate digital keys

Cyberattacks and incidences of compromise on crucial user information is doing rounds lately, allowing companies to take up strong measures in this regard. Recently, researchers at a cloud security company, Wiz, discovered a major flaw in the main database in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Global chip supply shortage to worsen as COVID-19 surge grips Malaysia

Rising cases of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia are reportedly exacerbating the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors as well as other components that has severely affected the production lines of automakers for months. According to credible sources, Malaysia has never been as important to tech

Intel launches new Intel® Arc™ brand for high-performance graphics

The new Intel Arc brand will cover software, hardware, and services. The first Alchemist silicon is slated to make an appearance in early 2022, in desktop and mobile devices Intel has recently introduced a new brand for its high-performance graphics products, called Intel® Arc™. Soft