• Tue. Feb 7th ,2023

Gulshan Talreja

Dell to cut over 6650 jobs to cut costs as PC sales plummet globally

Dell, the U.S.-based manufacturer of personal computers and related products, has reportedly announced to layoff more than 6650 employees, about 5% of

Apple on track to launch foldable iPad in 2024 in a bid to boost sales

Apple, the prominent American tech giant, has reportedly announced its plan to launch a foldable iPad as soon as next year, cites analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Canada plans to commercialize first ever photonic-based quantum computer

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, well-known Canadian politician who is the current and 23rd prime minister of Canada has recently announced a new federal

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold to finally come with a less visible crease

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 may reportedly have a fairly less noticeable crease owing to a probable design update. As per a report on the Korea-ba

Raspberry Pi unveils Camera Module 3 with high resolution & autofocus

Raspberry Pi, the British computing and digital technology charity, has reportedly unveiled its latest camera module, the Camera Module 3, which can b

Telegram updates its media editor, adding new blur and drawing tools

Telegram, renowned free messenger application, has reportedly added recent updates to its media editor by introducing a slew of new tools for decorati

Apple considers shifting some iPad production to India, claims sources

India is reportedly exploring the options to bring some of Apple’s iPad manufacturing to the nation from China, stated a source close to the Ind

Waiting for iPhone Pro reaches new high following factory disruptions

American multinational technology company, Apple Inc.'s iPhone 14 Pro models, are expected to take much longer to deliver as the company's lea

The Royal House of Medici unveils M 1563, a digital platform for art

The Royal House of Medici Holdings (RHM) announced the launch of a blockchain-powered platform, M 1563 Media, Inc., which will curate, exhibit, and au