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Telegram updates its media editor, adding new blur and drawing tools


By   Gulshan Talreja

Date: Jan 03, 2023

Telegram, renowned free messenger application, has reportedly added recent updates to its media editor by introducing a slew of new tools for decorating or blurring sections of any images or videos. Apparently, it announced the launch of a new blur feature that allows users to blur certain areas of a video or photo to obscure sensitive information or the faces of bystanders who appear in the backdrop.

As per sources, Telegram recommends using the eyedropper option to match the color of the blur stroke to the image to infuse the blurred area of the photo. Additionally, it is also introducing the option to edit the text's size, font, and backdrop when adding it to images or videos (much like Instagram or Snapchat).

Telegram claims that the updated drawing tools dynamically adjust the width based on how quickly the user is drawing and softening the lines automatically. By tapping the '+' icon in the editor, Telegram has also given a quick way to add shapes including circles, rectangles, stars, arrows, and chat bubbles.

In addition, the most recent update to Telegram adds new storage options that, while avoiding specific chats, automatically deletes the cached data in groups, private chats, and channels after a set time. Even though Telegram previously offered the option to delete cache throughout all chats, this should make it simpler to free up space routinely without interfering with important chats.

The app is also providing a helpful new pie chart that displays the storage space for various types of data, such as movies, documents, music, and images.

Other minor additions include the latest animated and interactive emoji, a new Android headway animation, and the feature for group admins to hide their member lists. This upgrade package adds to a list of several other options Telegram has added in recent months, comprising the ability for Telegram users to create an account without a phone number as well as video transcription for Premium users.

Source credit: https://www.theverge.com/2023/1/1/23534248/telegram-revamped-media-editor-blur-tool-text


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