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Valve announces new version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

By   Gulshan Talreja

Date: Mar 07, 2023

Valve, a leading gaming company, has recently announced plans to launch a new, updated version of its game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The update will soon be launched on the Source 2 engine of the company, claim sources with knowledge of the matter.

Valve has already listed a number of professional game players who have broken through all the levels of CS:GO to try out the new version. The trial would be conducted at the Seattle headquarters of the company. The Source 2 engine, which is also being used by some other games like Dota 2 and Half Life: Alyx, could also allow for better performance and graphics for the game.

Apparently, this is not the only upgrade being developed by Valve. The new CS:GO game may be integrated with an improved matchmaking system, wherein the players could find and join matches like FACEIT and ESEA. The company also strives to increase the tick rate of the game’s servers from 64 to 128 which will help in low latency while playing online matches, eliminating any compromise on quality.

There has been some skepticism regarding the announcement of the update to the game, which was first released a decade ago. Some sources are of the opinion that Valve is planning to move Counter Strike 2 to the Source 2 engine, under the moniker CS: Global Offensive, indicating that may not be an upgrade to the game but rather just its transfer from one source to another. However, there is some evidence other than Valve’s announcement which may hint at a potential upgrade, including some unfamiliar executable files included in recently released Nvidia drivers.

Counter-Strike enthusiasts are awaiting the so-called update to the Counter-Strike game and the new feature which would improve the gameplay experience.

Source Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/5/23626439/valve-counter-strike-global-offensive-source-2-update


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