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Apple’s upcoming iPhone series likely to feature an always-on display

By   Rini Dalvi

Date: Feb 24, 2024

Silicon Valley based technology giant, Apple Inc., is reportedly working on its new series of iPhones, which are anticipated to offer a range of exciting new features, including an always-on display. Credible reports have suggested that the 120Hz low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display with efficient battery backup will act as the lock screen and provide small amount of information without any input, quite similar to some Android phones.

In addition, only the clock and battery are going to be visible consistently, with “bar and icons” being displayed in the notifications. The new notifications would pop up but only for a moment.

According to the sources, the company is also expected to provide advanced cameras across its portfolio, including enhanced ultra-wide cameras with improved low-light performance, automatic astrophotography, and portrait video mode like Galaxy S21. It might also offer a stronger MagSafe magnets.

Reportedly, the design is not expected to show much changes this year, except for the grippier matte back being available in its Pro models. Several earlier reports have suggested that the iPhone would be sporting a less intrusive, smaller notch for front camera and Face ID, with a potential in-display fingerprint-based reader.

Regardless of the accuracy of these reports, Apple might easily eliminate or modify certain features right before the production commences. For instance, the company had apparently excluded the 120Hz displays from its iPhone 12 range on account of battery life concerns. However, the always-on display feature seems to make more sense considering the ongoing technological advancements.

For the record, LTPO is the crucial element which makes always-on screens operational in latest Apple Watches. For a while, they have been available in devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Consequently, Apple could sport that always-on features without compromising on battery longevity.

Source credit: https://www.engadget.com/apple-iphone-13-2021-always-on-display-223000663.html

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