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Google introduces six new interesting features for Android smartphones


By   Sumit Horo

Date: Mar 01, 2021

Silicon-Valley tech giant, Google LLC, has reportedly announced plans to roll out six new, interesting features and upgrades for Android devices in the upcoming months. These upgrades are apparently designed to enhance the everyday experiences of the consumers have with their smartphones.

Apparently, the best feature out of the six is the ability to schedule the delivery of a text messages, which would allow users to draft a message first and then decide when to send it. According to Google, users can access this feature by writing a message and holding and pressing the send button for selecting date and time for its delivery. To use scheduled texts, the users will need to download Messages or update it to the latest version.

Next in line is a vital change when saving passwords on Android smartphones. Users would now be able to receive instant alerts whenever their passwords are compromised. According to the tech giant, when someone enters a password in an app installed on their phone using Google Autofill, it will check the credentials against a repository of known compromised passwords. If the credentials match with one of these passwords, Google will immediately send an alert along with a helpful guide to check passwords and change them accordingly.

Another new upgrade is Dark Mode for Google Maps which is expected to make it easier for the eyes when navigating from point A to B. In case of OLED screen phones such as Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12, it will help in saving some battery life. This is majorly due to the ability of OLED panels to work without using any power for displaying jet-black shades of black.

According to credible sources, Google has also updated its Android Auto service by inserting new features to provide better driving experience. For instance, users can now choose from variety of car-inspired backgrounds their car’s display.

The company has also introduced some shortcuts on the launch screen that offer convenient access to contacts and also enable the use of the Assistant for completing tasks like checking the weather or adjusting the thermostat remotely by tapping the icon available on the display.

Source credit: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1403009/Google-android-update-six-new-features-revealed


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