• Sat. Nov 27th ,2021

Sumit Horo

KAI, Konan Technology to jointly develop AI system for aviation sector

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), a prominent South Korean aerospace & defense company has reportedly unveiled its plans to acquire 10 percent sta

Meta delays Instagram and Facebook message encryption plans till 2023

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Inc., has reportedly announced that it would be delaying its plan to introduce end-to-end message encryption on Inst

Doosan to develop hydrogen power pack for commercial vehicles

Doosan Corp., a South Korean multinational conglomerate, has reportedly announced that it would be developing of a hydrogen-based power pack for land-

VR glove startup HaptX accuses Meta of copying its glove design

Tech giant Meta, formerly known as Facebook, which recently unveiled a haptic feedback glove prototype which can eventually bring digital content clos

Rocket Lab acquires Planetary Systems Corp in a $42M cash & stock deal

Rocket Lab, a publicly-listed US-based aerospace manufacturer and provider of small satellite launch services, has reportedly continued its ongoing ac

UK Covid testing firm faces probe for selling swabs with customer DNA

A government-approved Covid testing firm in the UK is reportedly under investigation by the country’s privacy watchdog over its alleged plans to

COVID-resistant people can lead to development of better vaccines

Researchers at the University College London have suggested that studying and understanding how people who can naturally resist the coronavirus infect

Samsung unveils the industry’s first LPDDRX5 mobile DRAM

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean technology giant, has reportedly announced that it has completed the development of a 16 gigabit 14 nanometer-ba

Hackers breach nine firms in defense, energy, tech & other sectors

Palo Alto Networks, a leading American multinational cybersecurity firm, has alleged that foreign attackers have hacked nine firms in the energy, defe