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Google launches its B2B cloud gaming platform developed with Stadia Tech


By   Sumit Horo

Date: Mar 18, 2022

Google has recently introduced Stadia’s B2B offering known as “Immersive Stream for Games” at its Google for Games Developer Summit.

The offering, which was developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, will empower companies to be benefitted from the underlying platform technology of Stadia and deliver games directly to the players.

Through this development, Google is branching out by unveiling its Stadia’s spilling technology for other firms to license.

Google claims that these services will empower the firm to run game trials, offers subscription bundles, or complete storefronts.

Google began collaborating with AT&T the previous year to test the new offering. The latter used the services to control its offering of Batman: Arkham Knight for free to its thousands of users. The firm will be using Immersive Stream for Games to authorize another game delivery to its customers, which the customers can play on mobile and the web.

The tech giant plans to scale the Immersive Stream for Games more this year.

In an email, Dov Zimring, Stadia’s Head of Product, said that the Google for Games Developer Summit is built to support studios of each size, with innovations and tools from teams across Google.

The core features benefit both the expansion journey and experience of players for Immersive Stream for Games customers, including Stadia. In collaboration with Google Cloud, the firm is working to build out the underlying cloud gaming technology that influences Stadia, and its offerings to the customers through Immersive Stream for Games.

Rising traction for cloud gaming boosts Immersive Stream for Games and Stadia, and the firm is thrilled for what is coming forward in 2022 and beyond.

Google’s official launching of the offering follows a report from February that specified that the company was deprioritizing Stadia and emphasizing prominent deals with companies via a B2B cloud gaming service. The announcement made recently finally gives it a name.

Source Credit - https://techcrunch.com/2022/03/15/google-unveils-immersive-stream-for-games-its-service-that-lets-companies-use-stadias-tech/


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