• Sat. Nov 27th ,2021

Sumit Horo

Japan: Scientists make vaccination strategy to fight all coronaviruses

Japanese scientists have reportedly developed a vaccination strategy that, if proven successful, could provide immunity against a vast variety of coro

UK sets new safety-focused regulations for video-sharing platforms

The UK’s communications, broadcast, and supposed internet content regulator, Ofcom has reportedly introduced new regulations for the video-shari

Samsung eyeing expanded collaborations with tech giants AMD and Intel

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a leading electronics and electrical components manufacturer; and an affiliate of Samsung Group, is reportedly expanding it

McGill University scientists invent 5X more fracture resistant glass

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have reportedly invented a new kind of glass that is five times more fracture-resistant compared

Verizon unveils redesigned BlueJeans for enhanced virtual experience

Verizon Business, a division of American network operator Verizon Communications, has reportedly launched the revamped BlueJeans platform for the hybr

NFT game Kryptomon announces its collaboration with Simplex

Kryptomon, the heavily hyped crypto NFT game that drew over 100,000 registrations during its nine-day debut period, has reportedly announced a collabo

British carmaker Lotus unveils pioneering chassis for new sport EVs

Lotus, a British car manufacturer headquartered in Norfolk, England has reportedly unveiled a new component for the company’s next-generation of

Vintage-inspired Harley-Davidson e-bikes to go on sale later in 2021

Harley-Davidson, the world-famous American motorcycle manufacturer, has reportedly announced that it will be selling a limited number of the stunning,

Apple releases emergency security patch to block zero click spyware

Apple Inc., the American multinational smartphone manufacturer, has reportedly rolled out an emergency software update to patch a security flaw after