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New copy-paste update to change the way people use Chrome and Edge

By   Sumit Horo

Date: Jul 13, 2021

Google and Microsoft are reportedly working on a novel set of Chromium APIs that will notable broaden out the functionality of the copy-and-paste function in their respective web browsers.

According to reports, currently, both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers only allow their users to copy a limited number of common file types between web and desktop apps, such as HTML, jpg, png, and a few more.

However, the new Pickle Clipboard APIs are expected to include support for many specialized and proprietary file formats, such as TIFF and .docx. For the record, TIFF is an image format for high-resolution images which is popular for graphic design, and .docx is used in Microsoft Word.  

If developers embrace the new APIs, users may be able to easily copy data between progressive web applications (PWAs) and software running on macOS, Windows, and mobile platforms.

Windows users, for example, could copy documents to the clipboard through File Explorer and paste them into the Google Docs online interface directly and without any difficulties.

WindowsLatest has reviewed design documents, which shows that the Pickle Clipboard APIs would also let developers build customized clipboard formats and enable fine-grained control upon the copy-and-paste operation,

The copy-and-paste function may appear trivial at first glance, yet it is crucial to many elements of the computer and online surfing experience. This isn't the first time Microsoft has tried to simplify the function in recent months, spanning both Windows 10 and Edge.

Microsoft revealed a redesigned Windows 10 clipboard in August that has a dedicated panel for multimedia material like emotion icons and GIFs. This update also included pictures and HTML material to the clipboard history feature, in addition to text.

Moreover, Microsoft had also improved the Cloud Clipboard application later in the year, allowing users to copy and paste information across numerous devices. Users of the Microsoft-owned SwiftKey Keyboard for Android can now use the program to synchronize clipboard material across all of their devices, rather than just Windows 10.

Source credit: https://www.techradar.com/sg/news/a-major-copy-and-paste-upgrade-is-coming-to-microsoft-edge-and-google-chrome

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