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Vodafone and Google Cloud team up to develop cloud data services


By   Sumit Horo

Date: May 03, 2021

Telecom giant Vodafone has reportedly inked a strategic partnership deal with Alphabet-owned Google Cloud to develop data services in collaboration, which the two firms plan on selling to other conglomerates eventually.

The two conglomerates also plan on selling consultancy services to other multinational businesses that would potentially want to move huge amounts of data to the cloud, as per reports.

Nearly 1,000 workers in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States will supposedly help the two companies develop a novel cloud-based storage and analytics platform, which will host the telecom leader’s data.

According to the two companies, the new portal, named “Nucleus,” will process around 50 terabytes of data per day withing the cloud, which equates to 25,000 hours of high-definition video.

Both companies will reportedly push the usage of reliable and secure data analytics, learnings, and insights to facilitate the launch of new digital products and services to the telecom company’s customers across the globe simultaneously.

Under the six-year deal, the two companies will also create a system named ‘Dynamo’ that will be able to extract and transport data in different countries where Vodafone operates, reports suggest.

As part of the agreement, Vodafone will supposedly transfer data from its own servers to Google Cloud in compliance with all local laws and regulations governing data privacy and security.

Johan Wibergh, chief technology officer, Vodafone Group, claims that Nucleus will process 5,000 diverse data feeds and will provide more benefits apart from cost savings.

He explained that Vodafone has found 700 different use cases, indicating the platform’s potential to automatically detect when a customer requires a speed boost and roll out products spanning different areas operating on the same underlying infrastructure, as per reports.

Wibergh added that the system will also enable Vodafone to build a “digital twin” of its own network, which will allow the telecom company to run simulations of new systems and virtually determine where additional capacity is required.

Source credits: https://www.reuters.com/technology/vodafone-teams-up-with-google-cloud-data-analytics-2021-05-02/


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