• Thu. May 23rd ,2024


Nvidia inks partnership deal with SoftBank for generative AI and 5G/6G

The America technology firm Nvidia Corp. and SoftBank Corp. have reportedly announced a collaborative effort to develop an innovative platform for generative AI as well as 5G/6G applications. The platform will be fitted with Nvidia Grace Hopper™ GH200 Superchip and will be deployed across Soft

WhatsApp users to have access to editing feature soon

WhatsApp rolls out text editing feature Feature will be available for users across Android and iOS devices as well as web platform The chat app earlier released Status feature, and allowed account access on multiple phones WhatsApp has made it to the headlines for its announcement of rel

Disney announces more job cuts, targets Parks, ESPN, and other units

Entertainment giant, Disney is reportedly kicking off another wave of layoffs targeting several thousand employees across the firm this week. Reports cite, this is Disney’s second and biggest wave of job cuts as part of its previously unveiled plan to cut down the workforce by more than 7,000

Apple wins appeal against CMA probe on dominance & antitrust practices

Apple UK reportedly breathed a sigh of relief recently after a UK competition appeals court overturned a decision by Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to open a probe into the smartphone makers’ cloud gaming and mobile browser service. As per reports, the Competition Appeals Tribunal

aCropalypse bug in Google Pixel displays hidden parts of screenshots

A security flaw named aCropalypse has reportedly been detected in Markup, the default screenshot editing facility of Google Pixel. The PNG screenshots that are edited in the Markup utility can be partially recovered due to this security flaw. If the images become partially edited, the bug could a

Etsy sellers face delayed payment as Silicon Valley Bank collapses

Etsy, an e-commerce portal which provides online shopping of various products, has declared that some of its sellers would receive delayed payments, due to the sudden collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. The bank was a major source of financial support to the company, and all transactions related to

Valve announces new version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valve, a leading gaming company, has recently announced plans to launch a new, updated version of its game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The update will soon be launched on the Source 2 engine of the company, claim sources with knowledge of the matter. Valve has already listed a number of pr

Darktrace selects EY to defend against allegations from Quintessential

Darktrace, a cybersecurity company, has reportedly decided to appoint Ernst & Young (EY) to conduct a third-party review of its financial calculations. This decision was made following allegations from New York-based Quintessential Capital Management (QCM) and other hedge funds, accusing the fir

Dell to cut over 6650 jobs to cut costs as PC sales plummet globally

Dell, the U.S.-based manufacturer of personal computers and related products, has reportedly announced to layoff more than 6650 employees, about 5% of its total workforce across the globe, as per reports. Dell Co-Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Clarke stated in a memo on Monday that the firm's