• Wed. Dec 6th ,2023


UCSD scientists develop a device that turns human sweat into charger

Researchers from UC San Diego have reportedly made a major technological breakthrough by introducing a device that extracts sweat from the user’s fingertip for generating power. The user does not have to make any effort to make it work as it functions even when the user is sitting still or sle

Chinese-owned firm Nexperia buys UK's largest silicon chip maker NWF

Chinese-owned semiconductor manufacturer, Nexperia, has reportedly announced the acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab (NWF), the largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips in the UK. According to reports, after news of the takeover came out, Tom Tugendhat, a senior Tory member of parliament raised con

Facebook & Matterport team up to train AI for real world applications

Matterport, the spatial data company, has reportedly teamed up with Silicon Valley giant, Facebook, to provide thousands of virtual, interactive digital duplicates of real-world places to researchers to help them train their young AIs. To enable this, Facebook, on its side has made two advancements

Huawei's 5G range to bring multi-antenna tech to all bands & scenarios

Chinese multinational tech firm Huawei has reportedly launched a range of 5G products and solutions at the 2021 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Equipped with groundbreaking innovation, this new offering is expected to bring multi-antenna technology to all bands and all scenarios to develop sophi

Lenovo silently launches its Smart Clock 2 and wireless charging dock

Without making much of a noise, multinational tech firm, Lenovo, has reportedly unveiled the Smart Clock 2, the successor to its Google-powered Smart Clock. It has been tagged as 'coming soon' on the company’s official US website. This new Smart Clock supposedly comes in a reinvented

Sonos and Ikea introduce new Symfonisk picture frame Wi-Fi speaker

Sonos, an American manufacturer and developer of audio products, and Swedish furniture retail giant, Ikea, have reportedly teamed up to launch their new collaborative home audio product in the market. This new product, called ‘Symfonisk picture frame Wi-Fi speaker', is supposedly a combin

Researchers at NU Singapore develop new way to power wearable devices

A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has reportedly discovered a new way to power wearable devices wirelessly. This research team has been working under the supervision of Associate Prof. Jerald Yoo, N.1 Institute for Health as well as Department of Electrical & Comput

Google claims its AI is faster & better than humans at designing chips

Silicon Valley giant, Google has reportedly claimed that it has created an AI that can design chips faster and as good, if not better than humans. According to Googlers, Anna Goldie, Azalia Mirhoseini and their colleagues, it is a deep reinforcement learning system which can develop floorplans with

Fisker sets highly ambitious goal to make climate neutral EV by 2027

Emerging American electric vehicle manufacturer Fisker Inc., has reportedly announced a moonshot goal of introducing its first climate-neutral car by 2027. As the company is yet to roll out a vehicle to the market, this goal seems to be very ambitious. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc., confirmed t