• Wed. May 29th ,2024


China’s ruling party opposes ease in Covid curbs amid rising cases

The ruling party in China has reportedly called for strict adherence to the stringent zero-Covid strategy in the country, in an alleged move to steer public perceptions after regulations in certain places were relaxed. In an editorial published in the Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, P

China ramps up Covid curbs as cases surpass Shanghai lockdown record

Authorities in China have reportedly intensified COVID-19 curbs to prevent clusters from spreading as the country’s caseload surges to the highest since the lockdown in Shanghai this year. On Friday, the country reported 10,535 new cases for Thursday, which is the highest since 29th April,

Arcturus, CSL Seqirus to collaborate on next-gen mRNA vaccines

American biotech firm, Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc., has reportedly entered into a strategic collaboration with influenza vaccine maker, CSL Seqirus, a part of the Australian biotech major CSL Limited. According to reports, the two will work on researching, developing, manufacturing, and g

China: Parts of Xi’an in lockdown for a week under Covid Zero policy

China has reportedly locked down certain parts of the central metropolis of Xi’an in a move to highlight the country’s strict adherence to its zero-Covid policy. This means that nearly 13 million residents in the city will be confined to their homes for at least a week. However, in

Singapore gets early rollout of Moderna/Spikevax bivalent vaccine

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore has reportedly announced that the Moderna/Spikevax bivalent vaccine will be available in the country three days earlier than the previously set date. This was possible because the MOH’s operations teams finished preparations ahead of the deadline. T

Japan starts rollout of Omicron booster shots to curb 7th COVID wave

The government of Japan has reportedly started administration of booster vaccines against the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in efforts to curb what is being labelled as the seventh wave of coronavirus infections to hit the country. People aged 60 and above and medical workers who have not yet recei

WHO director-general: End of the COVID-19 pandemic now in sight

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general, WHO (World Health Organization), has claimed that although the world is not there yet, the end of the coronavirus pandemic is now in sight. Tedros made the statement during a recently held press briefing in Geneva. Tedros stated that last week, th

Covid-19 patients at higher risk of neurological conditions: Study

A study published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal has reportedly suggested that even after two years of the Covid-19, psychiatric and neurological conditions such as seizures and dementia are posing a higher risk on Covid patients than other respiratory infections. The study involved an observat

Hong Kong eases travel restrictions, reduces hotel quarantine period

The Government of Hong Kong has reportedly announced that it will be reducing the mandatory hotel quarantine period to three days, and an additional four days for health monitoring, for travellers arriving in the city. According to reports, the move is aimed towards easing travel restrictions tha