• Wed. May 29th ,2024


Shanghai at a critical stage in pulling down Covid-19 cases to zero

Chinese media has reported that with increasing coronavirus cases in the country’s economic hub Shanghai, the city is now at a crucial stage in bringing down community transmission of the virus to zero. On Tuesday, 19th April, Shanghai reported 2,494 Covid-19 cases with 16,407 local asymptomat

South Korea: Samsung eases pandemic restrictions as Omicron loses hold

South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has reportedly relaxed health protocols that were put in place to control the transmission of COVID-19, as the unrelenting Omicron wave that was hitting the country seems to be retreating. The corporation internally announced the new, mor

Japan’s Covid recovery at risk amid high raw material costs, weak yen

Japan’s recovery from the economic blowback of Covid-19 is reportedly being threatened by rising costs of raw materials, fueled by the ongoing war in Ukraine and a weak yen, as per a recent survey by the central bank of Japan. In the Tankan survey by the Bank of Japan, many are finding price

Shanghai enters two-stage lockdown as Covid cases spike across China

Chinese authorities have reportedly locked down the city of Shanghai, the country’s financial hub, in two stages to carry out testing for COVID-19 over a period of nine days after reporting a new record of daily asymptomatic infections. Authorities will be diving the city into two, with the H

South Korea approves emergency use of anti-COVID-19 pill, Lagevrio

The government of South Korea has reportedly authorized the emergency use of Lagevrio, an anti-coronavirus pill co-developed by American pharmaceutical company, MSD, and biotech firm, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, the nation’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced Wednesday. The medicine wi

Study links oral polio vaccine usage to lower COVID-19 incidence

A study has reportedly shown that countries administering oral polio vaccine have a lower occurrence of COVID-19 disease in comparison to those countries administering the inactivated polio vaccine. This suggests that the oral vaccine might either be preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection or slowing down

Covid causes shrinkage in brain and damages its tissue: Study

Researchers at the University of Oxford, in a study comparing brain scans of individuals before and after they contracted COVID-19, have reportedly found consistent signs of shrinkage as well as tissue damage in regions related to mental capacities and smell, months after they tested positive. For

UK: PM Johnson to lift Covid restrictions despite political opposition

Boris Johnson, the UK’s Prime Minister, has reportedly announced to scrap all restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, implying that it is time to move on and live with the coronavirus. PM Johnson is supposedly set to address the parliament to present his new approach, two years after C

mRNA vaccine-infection combination better than just vaccination: Study

A German study has reportedly found that those who had been administered with mRNA vaccine and then got infected are better protected against COVID-19. It was also found that antibodies of those administered with a booster shot provided stronger protection, almost similar to those who had both dose