• Wed. May 29th ,2024


Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid vaccine production at Dutch plant

American pharma giant, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) had reportedly closed down the production of its COVID-19 vaccine at the only plant making usable batches around late last year. As per a report, the suspension is temporary at the Dutch plant, located in Leiden, and is expected to restart prod

Researchers develop cheap, quick, smartphone-based COVID testing kit

Researchers in the US have reportedly developed a new inexpensive smartphone-based testing kit that can detect the presence of the coronavirus, and influenza viruses from saliva samples. Studies found that the kit is as accurate as current lab-based tests and is also faster. Currently, PCR testing

Korea to face possible testing crisis due to the rapid Omicron surge

To handle a potential testing crisis caused by the omicron spike, the government of South Korea has reportedly announced that it will deliver PCR tests to those who are most at-risk first, while others who are lower on the priority list would receive at-home fast antigen tests. According to the Min

South Korea considering fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine for some

With the booster vaccination program underway in South Korea for citizens above the age of 18, the government is already contemplating distributing a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for some vulnerable people. Son Young-rae, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Welfare, stated in a rec

Oxford/AstraZeneca jab supposed to have lowered UK’s COVID death toll

The administration of the Oxford/AstraZeneca SARS-CoV-2 vaccine among the vulnerable is supposedly being touted as one of the main reasons for a reduced death toll in the UK as compared to other European nations. As per records, the jab was reportedly approved in December 2020 and the vaccines were

S Korea turns to tourism & tech as it seeks economic normalcy in 2022

The government of South Korea has reportedly announced its ambitions to achieve full economic normalcy beyond the coronavirus pandemic in 2022, and also take lead in the global competition to predominantly occupy future businesses. On Monday, South Korea’s Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Mi

Omicron variant becomes dominant in South Africa amid rising cases

Health officials in South Africa have reported a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections as the newly discovered Omicron variant becomes dominant in the region. Latest daily figures have shown that as many as 11,500 new cases were recorded in the country when compared to the previous day with 8,500 confi

Novavax files for approval to bring its Covid-19 vaccine in Singapore

Novavax, a leading American biotechnology firm, has reportedly announced that it has filed for interim authorization from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority to bring its new non-mRNA based Covid-19 vaccine to the city-state. As per reports, the authority has confirmed that Novavax has prov

Study links Delta variant to high risk of stillbirth, maternal death

Pregnant women who have contracted the delta variant of COVID-19 will be at a higher risk of experiencing stillbirth or dying during childbirth, two new studies conducted by American national health agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have reported. The research supposedly fur