• Fri. Sep 22nd ,2023


UK Covid testing firm faces probe for selling swabs with customer DNA

A government-approved Covid testing firm in the UK is reportedly under investigation by the country’s privacy watchdog over its alleged plans to sell swabs containing customer DNA for medical-related research. The firm, Cignpost Diagnostics, which trades under the name ‘Express Test&rsq

COVID-resistant people can lead to development of better vaccines

Researchers at the University College London have suggested that studying and understanding how people who can naturally resist the coronavirus infection, even after coming in direct contact with it, can help in the development of better vaccines. In a study published in the journal Nature, scienti

Japanese firm VLP starts clinical trial for new COVID-19 vaccine

VLP Therapeutics, a Japanese drug research venture firm, has reportedly announced that it has begun the first phase of clinical trials to assess the efficacies of its novel COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine, being developed by the Japanese firm employs innovative ‘replicon’ technology, whic

Valneva announces positive results from its vaccine's Phase 3 trials

Valneva, the French biotech firm that is a part of the worldwide vaccine race, has reportedly disclosed positive Phase 3 outcomes in a clinical trial that pitted it against the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, paving the way for probable UK approval by the end of 2021. Valneva claimed that its vaccine p

Japan: Scientists make vaccination strategy to fight all coronaviruses

Japanese scientists have reportedly developed a vaccination strategy that, if proven successful, could provide immunity against a vast variety of coronaviruses, including the one that causes Covid-19. According to reliable reports, development of a vaccine that is more widely applicable has been th

South Korea in negotiations with Merck to pre-purchase COVID-19 pills

South Korea's public health authorities have reportedly stated that they are in negotiations with Merck, the US-based drugmaker, over the pre-purchase of its COVID-19 treatment pill, which Merck claims can reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths by half. The news of the talks closely f

Study: Pfizer's booster dose lowers viral load by factor of four

A recent clinical-study conducted in Israel has reportedly discovered that a booster dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine significantly decreases viral load among individuals infected with the delta strain, lowering the risk of transmission. According to reports, the research was conducted by K

US court orders local hospital to treat COVID patient with Ivermectin

A lawsuit might force a local Ohio hospital to reportedly treat a COVID-19 patient admitted at its facilities with Ivermectin, an animal deworming medication. The drug, as a result of several successful misinformation campaigns, has been hailed as an effective treatment for the coronavirus across ri

UK Gov issues warnings to COVID testing firms for misleading rates

United Kingdom Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid, has reportedly announced that over 80 private COVID travel testing service providers registered on the UK government's website would be handed two-strike warnings for charging deceptive rates. According to credible reports, another 5